Update after summer

How to take care of your skin and hair after a hot summer? Summer months - pure bliss, but the burden on the body increases. Sea water, sun, sand and even conditioned air imperceptibly tire the skin and hair. Under the influence of sunlight, the skin, especially on the face, becomes coarser and drier, and the hair weakens and becomes brittle.

Saving coolness and moisturizing

Body Gel Cooling Verbena

Dare to the icy freshness!

Enriched with Menthol and Verbena extract, Body Gel Cooling Verbena will give your skin instant hydration and cooling effect. Gel texture with microbubbles melts on the skin and is quickly absorbed.
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Restore natural skin protection

From external influences, the skin of the face is protected by a natural hydrolipid barrier. It retains the freshness and health of the skin, but prolonged exposure to the sun can weaken this natural shield. Twice a week, perform a simple procedure that will help your skin restore natural protection.

1. Remove makeup Cleansing Balm Divine Immortelle - it will prevent dry skin and contribute to its nutrition.

2. Apply the Scrub to the radiance of the skin of the face, gently massage and rinse with water.

3. After the shower, use the oil Divine Immortal.

4. Generously apply a moisturizer suitable for you.

Pay attention

Do you know that

Solar radiation is responsible for 80% of aging. Women are more prone to its effects, because their skin is by nature thinner, especially in the area around the eyes.

To pamper and soften the delicate skin, use oil based products. We recommend the Divine Balm for the skin around the eyes, which will reduce the traces of fatigue, eliminate swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

To have your eyes relaxed and your eyes become young and radiant, you can make a relaxing massage.

Tips for healthy eating

We are what we eat

Do not forget to eat foods rich in nutrients to reduce the amount of free radicals in the body.

Foods rich in beta-carotene, such as carrots or sweet potatoes, help regulate your skin's pH, which prevents it from becoming too dry or oily.

Antioxidant-rich foods (green tea or citrus fruits) help your skin produce more collagen, which makes it elastic and smooth.

Restoration of weak and fragile hair

Additional humidification

In summer, the hair gets more damage. Sea salt, chlorine, air conditioning and sand contribute to the drying of hair and loss of their elasticity.

Apply the Hair Oil before using the Restoring Shampoo, it helps to maintain moisture in the hair. Use the Regenerating conditioner and Mask for shine of hair to give your hair a vital impulse.
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Tame greasy hair

Life-giving freshness

If you do not care about dry hair, they become fat, because the scalp produces excess fat, trying to cope with the problem. It is very important to protect hair from overdrying. Use before washing your head a product with a high content of hair oils.

How to keep a tan after summer

The Kiss of the Sun

Sunburn is the reaction of your skin to sunlight. But the tanning process is also stress for the skin: as a result, it becomes dry and less elastic.
Moisturize the skin so that it remains healthy, and your tan lasted longer. Shea Butter and Almond Oil are your best allies to help you nourish, restore and relax the skin after sunbathing.
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Ritual for soft and supple skin

A treat for your skin

1. In the shower, apply a scrub all over the body from top to bottom with smooth movements. Use a scrub with a rich, oily texture that will give the skin a feeling of surprising softness. Do peeling 2 times a week.
2. Rinse the scrub. To cleanse and moisturize the skin, use Shower Butter.
3. After the skin has dried, apply a nutritious oil on it.
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Discover aromatherapy

Enjoyment and efficiency

Of all the senses, only the sense of smell directly causes a reaction in two brain regions: the one responsible for the memories, and the one responsible for the emotions. The effects of fragrances can be very effective, because they affect the body bypassing consciousness. Aromatherapy is the art of calming the soul and mind with the help of essential oils. Install the diffuser in the office or at home, select the fragrance that matches your mood and well-being. You will calm down without the slightest effort!
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Make a massage that will help get rid of stress!


Relaxing scalp massage


Relaxing neck massage


Relaxing Breathing Tips