The Art of Soap Collection

Rediscover a simple self-care ritual with L’OCCITANE en Provence's Art of Soap Collection, reimagining the traditional Provencal craft that has been at the heart of the naturally-inspired beauty brand since its beginning over 40 years ago. Blending a savoir-faire inherited by generations of master soap makers and the advance techniques of today, L'Occitane revisits its iconic soap range to create a new collection of minimal and modern soap bars, enriched with our signature natural origin ingredients, offering a refreshingly clean feeling for all the senses.

Bonne Mere

Enriched with traditions, and at the same time, the modern Bonne Mere collection is created for gentle but effective cleansing of your skin.

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Shea Soaps

Nourishing and gentle, the soaps of the Shea collection will ideally cleanse your skin without drying it out.

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Exfoliant soap

Treat yourself to a complete spa ritual with the new scrubbing soap from the Almond collection! gentle exfoliation will leave your skin feeling velvety and smooth to the touch.

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Our soap is specially created not only for cleansing the skin of hands and body, but also for washing natural fabrics. Does not contain flavors and dyes.

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Cleansing with Shea

This collection is based on the nutritious shea butter oil. That is why our products preserve the protective barrier of your skin, while simultaneously removing all bacteria and viruses from its surface.

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Liquid soap L`Occitane

Our liquid soap collections are filled with the scents of fields of Provence: lavender, verbena, almonds ... And the handy dispensers are recyclable, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment.

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