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Your Gift!

When buying for the amount of 2499 UAH set "Limited Set Castelbajak Paris" as a gift! *

* One gift per check. The amount is taken into account after applying all discounts.
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Limited set Karite Castelbajak Paris!

Limited set Karite Castelbajac Paris! at a special price of 229.50 UAH.

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Set Night Reset

Set Night Reset at a special price of 427,50 UAH (regular price is 855 UAH) when purchased for a sum of 1299 UAH by one check.

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Exclusive offer
Travel beautifully!

Travel beautifully!

Choose one product from each category and get a discount of -20% for the whole set!
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Trio of hand creams in a wonderful metal box!

Collect your wonderful set of 3 hand creams of 30 ml in a metal box!

The cost of dialing 773 UAH instead of 855 UAH!

Free shippingon all orders of 600 UAH +