In L'Occitane, the creation of each series for the face begins with the study of plants and their properties. The results of the research and the patents pending are indicative of the exceptional properties of flowers, plants and trees whose extracts we use. Our natural ingredients of vegetable origin, often organic, guarantee a high level of quality and effectiveness of products for the face of L'Occitane.

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We invite you to an unexpected and exciting Mediterranean adventure, the mineral waters of which are enclosed in the Aqua Reoutier line of products, bring health and beauty to your skin.

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Feel the power of natural ingredients thanks to our collection of skin care products with sensual, pleasant textures.

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It’s the everlasting flower - come what may, the Immortelle’s golden colors remain just as vibrant as their first bloom. Its organic essential oil is rich in active ingredients that have exceptional anti-aging properties.

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Night Elixir "Instant reboot of the skin"

Restore and update

Three active components and two textures help you turn back the time and repair the damaged skin. Apply Night Elixir before going to bed so that more than 3000 golden microcapsules work over night to update your skin.

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