In L'Occitane, the creation of each series for the face begins with the study of plants and their properties. The results of the research and the patents pending are indicative of the exceptional properties of flowers, plants and trees whose extracts we use. Our natural ingredients of vegetable origin, often organic, guarantee a high level of quality and effectiveness of products for the face of L'Occitane.

Facial Care Bestsellers

Men`s Face Care

Repairing face cream Cade

Enriched with Shea Butter and Juniper Essential Oil, the cream meets the basic needs of men's skin:
1. Nourishment and hydration
2. Recovery
3. Protection
4. Comfort.


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Foams, gels, micellar water. exfoliant powder, make-up remover oil ... Our cleansers guarantee gentle but very effective cleansing of your skin!

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Do not miss this important stage, because it can be not only the restoration of the Ph of the skin, but also additional cleansing and even moisturizing the face!

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Youthfulness and radiance of the skin are impossible without proper hydration and nutrition. Silky creams, oils, innovative serums will prolong beauty and give deep hydration.

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Discover our L'OCCITANE eye contour care!

Immortelle Précieuse Eye Balm
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Overnight Reset Eye Serum
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Aqua Réotier Refreshing Eye Gel
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Immortelle Divine Eye Balm
1 899,00 грн
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Immortelle Divine Eye and Lip Contour
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Discover more!

Night Elixir "Instant reboot of the skin"

Restore and update

Three active components and two textures help you turn back the time and repair the damaged skin. Apply Night Elixir before going to bed so that more than 3000 golden microcapsules work over night to update your skin.

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