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Shea butter is a unique beauty ingredient that has long been used to nourish skin and hair, prolong youth and enhance the natural beauty of women in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Protection from the Elements

Shea trees dot the landscape in Burkina Faso, where hot winds blow sand and dust daily across the Savannah. To protect their skin from the harsh conditions, women have used shea butter for generations. Organized into cooperatives, they use traditional methods to harvest and extract the butter.

The Shea tree is found in the wild were it is the target of deforestation, for the natural regeneration of population. Today there are no Shea plantations and the aim is to preserve parks or communal forests where it can grow peacefully. That why, L’Occitane aims to obtain the legal defense of 33 Shea park lands with local authorities.

L’Occitane deals directly with the women cooperatives of Burkina Faso without intermediaries. This is allows the communities to develop and spur the local economies. For five cooperatives, L’Occitane offers long term contracts, with insured purchase volumes and prices; that are usually twice as high as the market price.

Our Shea Butter Face Care Products

Forty Years of Mutual Confidence

Since 1980’s, L’Occitane is committed to a fair-trade partnership with the women of Burkina Faso for the development of this traditional industry.

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