Peony Body Care

Generous gift of a beautiful nymph!

In the Mediterranean countries there is a legend about the beautiful nymph Peonia, which the gods loved so much that one jealous goddess turned it into a flower with a thousand petals - a peony. Since then, this symbol of beauty is blossoming every spring and fills the world with its fragrance.

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Ethical Sourcing

The peony gets its name from Paeon, Greek god of medicine and healing. While it’s been used in herbal healing in many cultures, its fine scent and seemingly endless petals have captivated the senses for generations.

•Sourcing in Crest : Family farm of Jean Luc Rivière
•160 years experience in growing peonies
•More than 300 peonies varities grown in fields and used
in our products : one of the most complete collection of
peonies in the world
•Using of peony culture’s wastes : we use the roots that are
issued from the multiplication of peonies (a process used
for cultivating the plant)