Osmanthus is the perfect New Fragrance for Spring, with the fresh fruity notes of Apricots, Pears & Orange, it is ideal for lovers of soft yet vibrant floral perfumes.

Osmanthus Eau de Toilette

OSMANTUS eau de toilette is a unique, fresh, floral, pleasantly sweet and fruity aroma, which embodies all the beauty and sophistication of the beautiful osmanthus flower.

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For the NEW Osmanthus Collection, it was a collaborative effort between producers, perfumers and an illustrator. We support our Osmanthus producers and pride ourselves on our responsibly sourced Osmanthus flower. The yellow Osmanthus flower is known for its well balanced scent between floral & fruity and it also has a better olfactory quality compared to its other varieties. With rich leathery qualities, it brings comfort and relaxation.

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Fragrance pyramid

Top notes of delightful apricot, a natural scent with flavour of the fresh fruit that blends perfectly with the soft natural juicy notes of pear and is balanced by the elegant bitterness and the bright sparkle of Bitter Orange.

The Yellow Osmanthus flower, a very precious ingredient in the palette of perfumers, is at the very heart of the fragrance with a touch of carrot seed oil to round the scent out with a warm and earthy undertone.

Base notes of luminous and clean woody notes with Cedarwood and a creamy Sandalwood accord finish the delicate fragrance for women.

Osmanthus Illustrator

"I like to create atmospheric scenes and landscapes in my work. So when I was asked to illustrate the Guilin mountains for L’Occitane, it felt like a great opportunity to collaborate on something I’d really enjoy.”

Robert Frank Hunter is a London based illustrator and director. He has worked on a wide range of projects in publishing, animation, advertising, film and television. Robert currently works from his studio in South London and his portfolio comprises creations for companies like the New York Times, BBC and Hermes.
This creative concept invites a reinterpretation of Chinese prints by a contemporary illustrator, who will tell the story of the Osmanthus and its palace, the moon, in the valley of Guilin. The bottle is shot directly from the print, and its shadows and reflections give volume to this poetic installation.

How to choose your fragrance?

Sweet, citrusy, delicate, fresh, fruity and woody ... Regardless of whether you are a connoisseur of the art of perfumery or a newbie, you will definitely find your own special scent from the many L'Oxitanian fragrances!
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