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Luxury Premium Exclusive beauty set "Bestsellers of the Year"

Containing 24 of our best-selling luxury skincare, fragrance and body-care treats, this is the ideal indulgent countdown to Christmas.
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Residents of Provence prepare carefully long before Christmas and New Years. The most important thing in preparing for the holidays, of course, is the purchase of gifts for your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and loved ones. We will follow the good tradition of the inhabitants of Provence and prepare for Christmas and New Year in advance. In 2020, we have prepared for you a unique PREMIUM beauty set, which includes 24 bestselling products.
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 The Luxury Exclusive PREMIUM ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 contains:

shower oil Almond 75ml,

shower gel Aromacology, 75ml,

Aromacology shampoo, 75 ml,

hair conditioner Aromacology, 35ml,

eau de parfum Terre de Lumiere, 5ml,

micellar water with Cucumber Thyme extracts , 30ml,

ultra-moisturizing face cream Aqua, 5ml,

intensive shea hand balm 10ml

Shea lip balm, 4ml,

Divine face cream, 4 ml,

Shea-milk soap 25g,

hand cream Cherry blossom 10ml,

thermoprotective serum for hair restoration 15ml,

Shea foot cream 10ml,

Shea shower oil, 35ml,

concentrated milk for skin elasticity Almond, 20 ml,

Balance of Tenderness shampoo, 35 ml,

serum "Night Recovery", 5ml,

extraordinary face water Immortelle, 30ml,

shower gel Cherry blossom, 35 ml,

hand cream Almond, 10 ml,

perfume sweet Verbena-Mandarin, 50g,

Immortelle Facial Fluid, 5ml.