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Night Elixir "Instant reboot of the skin"

Restore and update

Three active components and two textures help you turn back the time and repair the damaged skin. Apply Night Elixir before going to bed so that more than 3000 golden microcapsules work over night to update your skin.

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The innovative plant complex

The extract of garden acmella

The acmella gardening extract smoothes the skin instantly, like a botox. It reduces wrinkles caused by stress and fatigue.

Extract of marjoram

Extract of marjoram triggers genetic mechanisms of skin regeneration at night.

Immortelle essential oil

Essential oil immortelle is known for its anti-aging properties. It acts as a natural antioxidant, helping the skin look younger and more elastic.

Advantages of the night ritual


Environmental factors - stress, pollution, malnutrition, fatigue - have become a part of our life, but it is not necessary that they are reflected on the face. Supplement your usual beauty ritual with Night Elixir - and you will see how your skin will change. It will help restore your skin during sleep, eliminating the effects of the stressful rhythm of everyday life.

What is the elixir for the face?

Visible results

Elixirs contain an increased concentration of active components. In addition, they are quickly absorbed into the skin. When applied before the moisturizing cream, the elixir acts as a booster and enhances the effect of other agents. Our Night Elixir "Instant skin reloading" is a special regenerating agent with a double effect: use it in front of your moisturizer or turn it on in your regular care and apply before the usual serum. Elixir is a natural booster of your beauty!

The effect of the golden microcapsules


The skin looks restored in 91% of the respondents * The skin looks fresh and rested in 97% of the respondents * Skin acquired radiance in 81% of respondents *


The skin looks relaxed in 100% of the respondents * Skin acquired a healthy radiance in 97% of the respondents * Small and mimic wrinkles became less noticeable in 90% of the respondents **


The skin looks renewed and filled with energy in 100% of the respondents * The skin looks moist and tight in 100% of the respondents * Skin looks younger in 90% of respondents *

The ideal addition to your daily care

When we say that the Night Elixir can be added to any skin care ritual, we use the word "any" in its literal meaning. You can choose the products from our range, depending on the needs of your skin.