Immortelle Divine

Anti-aging care

Luxurious, special, divine ... In the innovative formula L'OCCITANE combines essential oil immortelle with powerful anti-aging properties and active herbal ingredients that nourish the skin. Our formula is used in the award-winning line of funds that will help you turn back the time and return the skin radiance.

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100% Corsican Wild Seeds

All the seeds used by our producers are certified “Corsica Grana”; those are picked in the wild, guaranteeing the plant’s genetic preservation of the island populations. All across Corsica, from mountains to sea side: our immortelle fields are as varied and rich as the whole Corsica itself.

Why Does the Immortelle from Corsica has this unsurpassed Qualities?

Its Corsican Terroir: sun exposure, soil, sea and air that makes Immortelle so precious. The way it is carefully cultivated, harvested and distilled, only conserves its benefits. No use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and weeding done by hand or with sheeps; those are the only way to insure the highest quality of the Flower.

10 producers and distillers were brought together as a community for sharing of their know-how. By the weeding by sheeps, using trees and hedgerows around parcels; Immortelle has the best possible growing conditions. This is long term relationship between L’Occitane and farmers as we stand together for up to 15 years

Our Immortelle Divine Products

Corsican Gold

Meet Catherine Sanci

Night Elixir "Instant reboot of the skin"

Restore and update

Three active components and two textures help you turn back the time and repair the damaged skin. Apply Night Elixir before going to bed so that more than 3000 golden microcapsules work over night to update your skin.

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