Humidification is the key to beautiful skin

Moisture value in care

It's not a secret for anyone that moisturizing is an important stage of skin care, aimed at maintaining its beauty. Imagine that moisture is a thin layer of cellophane that protects the skin cells and helps to keep the fresh complexion longer. If this layer of moisture is absent, your skin may begin to crack under the influence of wind, sunlight, heat or cold, which will lead to wrinkles and discomfort. Humidification is of great importance for both young and mature skin of any type, and the sooner you begin to properly care for the skin, the better you protect it from the appearance of visible signs of aging.

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The role of calcium

Maintain a healthy skin chemical composition

When the skin is dehydrated, that is, it lacks water, it begins to experience discomfort: it becomes sensitive and dull, flakes. One way to prevent the appearance of these unpleasant sensations is to maintain a healthy chemical composition of the skin. The skin does not produce chemicals by itself, so it is important to fill it with the necessary elements.

Calcium to maintain healthy skin

Strengthening the skin barrier

Calcium plays a very important role in strengthening the skin barrier - the outer layer of your skin, which first of all prevents the loss of moisture. Calcium slows down the loss of moisture, while simultaneously strengthening and smoothing your skin. We created a line of Aqua Reotier on the basis of calcium-saturated water from the source of Reotier in Provence. The complex moisturizing effect is provided by ingredients included: glycerin replenishes the moisture level in the skin, hyaluronic acid binds it, and calcium contributes to long-term retention of moisture in the skin.

How to restore dehydrated skin


The first step to proper hydration is the preparation of a "clean canvas". Cleanse your skin of dirt, grease and makeup so that it is ready to absorb the life-giving moisture. Use the Aqua Reotier Cleansing Facial Gel to refresh your skin and become the perfect start to your beauty ritual.
TIP: For more effective moisturizing, apply to the skin Ultra-moisturizing essence for the face Aqua Reotier - it will give your skin elasticity and give a feeling of freshness.
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Each type of skin needs special moisturizing. There is a common misconception that oily / combination skin does not need moisture, because it naturally produces a large amount of fat. But in fact a light, low-fat moisturizer will help your oily skin produce less sebum. Try Ultra Moisturizing Aqua Rheotier, which will moisturize your skin and give it a unique sensation.

Needs for dry skin

Dry skin needs deeper moisturizing, so it is recommended to use a more saturated cream. Light cream-comfort for the face Shea nourishes the skin without making it heavier. For maximum moisturizing of the skin, the cream can be combined with the Divine Oil Immortelle.


It is hardly possible to overestimate the importance of protecting the skin from the sun. The harmful effects of UV rays are the surest way to get skin cancer, not to mention that it speeds up the appearance of signs of aging. Safely protect your skin using a day cream with SPF every time you leave the house, even in cloudy weather.
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