How to get rid of cellulite?


The formation of the "orange peel" on the body is partly due to the genetic predisposition and the hormonal background - two factors that are virtually impossible to influence ... These unattractive tubercles appear on the skin when fatty cells break through the weakened collagen fibers. This problem requires an integrated approach. We hasten to please you: we can fight cellulite, and we have prepared for you advice on proper nutrition and skin care.


Pay special attention to the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
When applying an anti-cellulite remedy on the body, never forget about the massage. Massage the skin with confident movements, moving from bottom to top to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Perform tingling and stroking movements - this helps to break down fats. Pinch the skin between the thumb and forefinger and, continuing to perform exciting movements, move from the bottom up.


to remove the dead cells from the skin and make it smoother. During the shower gently massage the skin, applying on the body almond paste-scrub. Crushed nutshells and sugar will rid your skin of dead cells, improve its texture, make it smooth, soft and prepare for applying anti-cellulite.


Preheat a small amount of almond milk in your hands to strengthen the body and gently massage your skin in slow circular motions. Enriched with active ingredients, almond milk tightens the skin, makes it more elastic and stimulates cell renewal. Your legs will look slimmer, and the skin will become more smooth and supple.


A healthy diet will help you get rid of cellulite.
For example, olive oil has already proved its effectiveness, which fights with orange peel due to the large content of fatty acids and polyphenols. Also very useful and flax seeds - they help restore elasticity and provide moisturizing of the skin. We recommend adding one or two tablespoons to salads, soups or yoghurts. Another of your assistant in the fight against cellulite is dark berries. They contribute to the production of collagen, due to which the skin is tightened, and its texture becomes more perfect. Do not forget about the sunflower seeds that contain vitamin B6. It speeds up tissue repair and is a natural diuretic.
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