How to care for feet

Your feet help you move around throughout the day. Every day during walking they actually need to support the load up to twice the weight of your body, so it is very important to take care of them. 75% of women periodically have problems with their legs, and pain in them can give back and joints. Give your feet the care they deserve, and you will feel the difference. In the summer you will probably want to show off in new sandals. But what do your legs look like? Make sure they are well maintained; otherwise, the summer sun can further harm them. Follow these simple tips for daily care for beautiful and charming legs.

Hint #1


Use a foot scrub at least twice a week. Apply it on the dry skin of the foot before taking a bath or shower. For a few minutes, gently spread it over the skin with your hands, then rinse. You can use a body scrub or a special foot scrub.
Moisten daily. According to orthopedists, among the majority of people, the most common problem with legs is insufficient moisture. Apply a means of intensive moisturizing after bathing and carefully rub it with massage movements. With your thumbs, massage the arch of the foot with circular motions. Then gently massage the socks. Give each leg 5-10 minutes.
Provide care to your nails. Constantly put them in order and cut. It is recommended to cut your nails after a bath or shower, because at this time they are softer. Apply the cuticle oil on the toenails so that they remain softer.

Council #2

Here's how it should be applied:

1) Apply the cream massaging movements, moving in the direction from the toe to the upper part of the foot.
2) Massage your feet with circular movements of your thumbs.
3) In a circular motion, massage the areas around the ankles and the calcaneal tendon.
4) Complete the massage with a gentle stroking of the feet.

If the skin of the feet is very dry or damaged, apply the cream a thick layer before going to bed and put cotton socks on all night long. In the morning the feet will become softer and will be intensively moistened.

Council #3

How to get rid of dryness and cracks on the heels

Cracked heels are the result of extreme dryness of the skin of the legs, which can be avoided by following these simple tips.
1. Before beginning to care for your feet, make sure that they have received warmth and moisturizing: place them in a warm bath for 5-15 minutes. For more effect, you can add bath salt.
2. Moisten pumice in warm soapy water, and then rub it dry areas of the feet.
3. Dry the skin with patting movements. Do not rub the skin, as after pumice it can become sensitive.
4. Apply a rich moisturizer to the feet. Massaging movements, apply a remedy to relieve tension after a day and prepare the legs for sleep.

Council #4

Additional tips for keeping leg ease

1. Watch your posture. Hold straight so that the chest and head are at the same level, as if supported by the tension of a thin string.
2. After a long day, massage your feet and feet using essential oils.
3. From time to time, take a cool bath or shower to stimulate blood circulation in the limbs.
4. Eat foods rich in vitamin E to protect cells and ensure healthy blood circulation.
5. Do yourself a relaxing foot massage with a massage oil to give lightness to tired legs.

Council #5

How to get shiny, healthy and strong nails

DO NOT POLY the weakened nails.

INCREASE the flow of blood to the nails, rubbing them against each other after applying the oil.

DO NOT use coarse chemical liquids to remove varnish.

Apply organic oils on the nails before bedtime, for example, almond or nim oil.

DO NOT FORGET about the necessary dose of protein: along with skin and hair protein nourishes and nails. Therefore, eat more meat, fish, legumes or tofu. Vegetarians should make sure that they receive enough iron, and consider the option of daily intake of iron-containing dietary supplements.

EAT a lot of foods rich in healthy oils, for example, salmon and mackerel or nuts and seeds. Products made from flax flour are especially useful for nails.

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