Home care

Greet guests with a mist of luxury fragrance created with the finest Provençal ingredients by L’Occitane. Recreate the Mediterranean tradition that signifies gracious hospitality. Our bespoke selection of home fragrances, including scented candles, diffusers and room sprays, will keep your home delicately perfumed with warm and soothing scents. 

Best home gifts

A scent according to your desires!

Scented candles

Scented candles of Provence for moments of relaxation and a feeling of complete well-being.

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Soap Body and hands

Discover your favorite fragrances in everyday body care.

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The aroma of home comfort

Imagine the atmosphere of Provencal home comfort in your home every day.

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Relaxing bestsellers

Treat yourself to a pampering moment by creating a customized wellness ritual at home

Step 1: Choose your neutral base

Massage oil or bubble bath

Step 2: Mix

Opt for the mix with Cocon Serenite essential oil, a cocktail of lavender essential oil, Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Geranium

Step 3: Relax

Take time to relax at home!

A Unique Know How

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