Fruits and Vitamins

Step One: Start with a Scrub


Fruit Nectar Lip Scrub with the delicious texture of homemade tangerine jam gently cleanses the skin of the lips from dead skin cells. Nourishes, softens and leaves a fresh fruity aroma on the lips. 100% natural plant product. Does not contain silicone and animal ingredients.

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Step Two: Apply Balm

Fruit color picker

L'Occitane I will offer you a collection for fruit nectar, which will take 100% natural roslinny Ingredienti (efirnu olome pomelo, carrots, pomegranate and vitamin E)!
Fruity Nectar lip balm with a creamy texture and a juicy fruity aroma, I let you live, live your lips and make it look beautifully with a subtle lower rye-orange (coral) color of a Provence son.

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Step Three: Add Colors

Bright shades

L'Occitane Offers You a Fruit Nectar Makeup Collection Containing 100% Natural Herbal Ingredients (Essential Oil of Pomelo, Carrots, Pomegranate and Vitamin E)

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