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Prickly juniper, called “Cade,” grows in the dry Provençal hillsides. Based on Cade's protective properties, L'OCCITANE has created expert formulas specifically for men's skincare and shaving needs.

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Sustainable Picking

Cade is traditionally harvested in the wild by our picker Mickael Comte. Our Sustainable picking charter : committment to protecting biodiversity when picking wood. Picks cade ONLY in the context of his forest clearing activity (National Forest Office, prevention against fires)

Valorising the Cutted Wood

Cade is cut for clearing forest for protecting them against fires. This cade wood is nowadays almost unused beside for fence posts or items of art. We Use it for its essential oil as a way recycle this wood

Energy Saving

Wood is dried for 2 years :it  highers the yeild of essential oil and reduces the distillation time.

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