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Night Recovery Serum

Incredible night serum will restore and transform your skin in just one night! Having a texture of butter-whey, it melts on the skin, perfectly nourishing and moisturizing it. Included in the essential oil of immortelle is an antioxidant and struggles with signs of aging, the acmeella extract smoothes wrinkles, making the skin smooth, and the marjoram extract triggers a mechanism of skin regeneration.
After the first application, the skin looks fresh, rested and fresh.
After 7 nights the skin becomes more healthy and radiant, fine wrinkles are smoothed out.
After 28 nights, your skin is completely restored and filled with energy.

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Universal balm for lips, face, body and hair Le Petit Remede

100% natural product!
The product nourishes dry areas of the skin and hair; protects the skin from cold and wind; soothes and relieves irritation on dry skin; nourishes hair and smoothes split ends of hair and much more!

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Have you ever wanted to have a more elastic, soft and radiant skin? We present to you our bestseller - Almond milk for the elasticity of the skin of the body. It not only moisturizes, but also tightens the skin.

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This legendary cream really has no analogues. Each tube contains 20% of shea butter, as well as a mixture of almonds, honey and coconut oil for an unrivaled supply of your skin. Jasmine and ylang-ylang will give your hands a paradise fragrance. The cream quickly absorbs, softens and smoothes the skin, leaving no sense of fatness.

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Awesome aroma

Bright, elegant fragrance for strong, confident men, unique and unique. The perfume composition is built around the main solo note - Tsedrat, in honor of which the fragrance got its name.

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Almond Shower Oil

Upon contact with water, the oil instantly turns into a thick luxurious foam, giving your body a gentle satin glow.

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Balm after shaving Cade

An indispensable tool in the men's arsenal: immediately removes discomfort after shaving, soothes and softens the skin, promotes the healing of wounds and cuts. Contains a patented complex for men's skin based on wild juniper oil.

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