Aqua Reotier

Cooling Eye Gel

Cooling gel for the skin around the eyes, enriched with water from the protected source Aqua Reotier with a very high content of natural minerals, hyaluronic acid and caffeine, reduces signs of fatigue (dark circles, puffiness) and smoothes facial wrinkles caused by dehydration of the skin from eyes and gives it a glow.

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Mountain's Wealth of Reotier

Enriched with Réotier water and hyaluronic acid, this refreshing essence transforms into water on contact with the skin to awaken it with immediate freshness.
The skin appears nourrished, as if instantly waterlogged, the complexion is fresh and radiant.

A Spring of Unique Diversity

Nurtured by an highly mineral water, the flora and fauna are similar to those in
coastal territories , but in a mountainous environment, this creates a very rich protected fauna and flora

Preserved Treasures of Nature

« Parc des Ecrins » :The Spring is located in natural parc which ensures the purity of surrounding lands

Réotier spring is labellised as a protectув area ( Natura 2000) by the European Union


Go to a new level in the skin care ritual with our new Aqua Réotier moisturizing line. As part of all the products - calcium-enriched water from the source of Reotier, which provides incredible hydration throughout the day.

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Nature in the laboratory, our Aqua Reotier series of water retains the exceptional strength of the Reotier source in Provence - its extreme mineralization. We supplement your natural calcium concentrate with the effectiveness and increased ingredients for optimal skin hydration.

Night Elixir "Instant reboot of the skin"

Restore and update

Three active components and two textures help you turn back the time and repair the damaged skin. Apply Night Elixir before going to bed so that more than 3000 golden microcapsules work over night to update your skin.