Réotier water source

Source Réotier

The latest discovery of L'Occitane is the mineral spring of Reotier, which comes to the surface of the earth in the mountains of the Upper Alps. Calcium, contained in its waters, strengthens the skin barrier and maintains a natural water balance.

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Intense mineral hydration

The basis of the source of Reotier was rainwater, which accumulates in underground tunnels for many centuries and, passing through rocks, is saturated with calcium and other useful substances.

This long journey under the influence of high temperatures in the bowels of the rocks gives us mineral-rich water at the source's outlet to the surface.

The peculiarity of Reotier in the content of calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for the health and beauty of the skin.

Responsible use

The mineral spring of Reotier, which is located at the entrance to the nature park, became part of the environmental project of the European Union "Natura 2000".

L'OCCITANE is the first brand that uses the amazing properties of this extraordinary source. It is important for us that the unique qualities of its water are preserved for future generations. We take the necessary measures, cooperating with specialists and limiting water consumption, in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

We use no more than 0.04% of the total annual volume of water coming from the source. In addition, we provide protection for this unique object, so that people can enjoy this miracle of nature in the future.