Plunge into the world of Aqua Reotier

Source of humidification

We invite you to an unexpected and exciting adventure in the Mediterranean, the mineral waters of which, enclosed in the products of the Aqua Reotier line, bring health and beauty to your skin.

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Source of humidification

L'OCCITANE presents a new line of Aqua Réotier products, aimed at moisturizing the skin all day long. New facial care products with innovative texture contain calcium-enriched water from the Provence mineral spring of Reotier. They not only moisturize the skin, but also effectively take care of it for 24 hours.

Réotier water source

Intense mineral hydration

The waters of the natural source of Reotje are enriched with minerals, including calcium, whose concentration is up to 10 times higher than in the French thermal water. Calcium, which is contained in the waters, strengthens the skin barrier and maintains a natural water balance.

The power of the source of Reotier

Scientific research is at the heart! The effect of prolonged moistening is achieved through the operation of three active components:

Hyaluronic acid

Helps the skin to retain moisture, restoring its vitality


Attracts water molecules from the air and keeps them on the surface of the skin, providing moisture and elasticity

Calcium fortified water Réotier

Calcium strengthens the upper layer of the skin, keeping the natural water balance

Ritual of instant moisturizing

Step by step Drop by drop

1. Cleansing - Cleansing Gel
2. Toning - Ultra-moisturizing essence
3. Moisturizing - Ultra-moisturizing gel or cream
4. Update - Ultra-moisturizing face spray

Choose the texture that suits you best

Aqua Reotier Ultra-Moisturizing Face Cream

If you prefer a classic cream texture, try Ultra-Moisturizing Aqua Reotier Face Cream. It is ideal for the skin, which in summer needs a little more moisturizing. The cream instantly absorbs, giving moisturizing, which lasts all day.


Aqua Reotier Ultra-Moisturizing Face Gel

The light texture, consisting of thousands of microbubbles, not only looks amazing, but also gives the skin a fresh sensation. It instantly absorbs and quenches your skin's thirst. Gel seems to charge the skin with moisture and keeps the effect all day.

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